Monday, November 15, 2021

10 On The 10th: November 2021

Last Wednesday was the 10th of November so here are 10 pictures I took that day. I will say that I find weekday "10 on the 10th" posts hard because I don't take pictures at work, which is how I spend most of my weekdays this year!

Every night I go to bed before Dave has done dishes so I am always curious to see what kind of dish sculpture he has created! No, we don't have a dishwasher. Yes, we are dreaming about getting one but it likely won't be for a few more years yet...

This was my coffee-hot chocolate. I start every weekday morning with one cup at home and a travel mug to take to work.

 I thought it was just condensation on the car, but it turned out to be ice. Boo. However, the feathered frost patterns on the top of the car were gorgeous.

I suddenly hit a patch of fog on my way to work. Traffic was stopped here so I grabbed a quick picture. It was so foggy that I could only see a few cars in front of me so it was a very slow drive. 

We have instituted Wednesdays as housecleaning night. Sam was going to friend's house to work on a project, have supper, and go to youth group with his friend, so he cleaned the dining room and kitchen before he left. The mop in the doorway is our family's sign that the floor is wet. By the way, our housecleaning nights still make me giddy!!!

I grabbed a quick picture of the tree in our backyard in its fall glory and I'm glad I did because the next morning it was empty of leaves. They all fell overnight.

Rachel and I had to run some errands, including stopping at the library which is always a favourite place.

This picture of Rachel walking home and reading, along the path, with the changing trees, just spoke to me.

Rachel and I "cleaned house" by returning borrowed items to people from around the neighbourhood. We tried a soup recipe where the spices were provided and it was pretty good. It was better with parmesan cheese added.

I ended the night by making Applesauce Jumbles. I didn't have time to glaze them though so that had to happen the next day. You need to make these cookies. The recipe comes from Holly who blogs at Pink Lady and you can find it here.

So that was my November 10th this year. It was a good mix of fall, cozy, and regular life.


  1. Those cookies are so good looking!!

  2. The ice on the car is amazing! And what a beautiful tree.

  3. I know it's going to be any day I come home & find out trees all empty too!

  4. Dave's dishes are quite the engineering masterpiece. I use a drying rack but things don't balance well on there - it's too soft - so my artistic sculptures wind up on the floor. Anxious to have some hot chocolate. Still too hot here.

  5. That tree is so pretty and that soup has my mouth watering! :)

  6. That sounds like a great day. We've had lots of patchy/foggy commutes this past month too. I love how it looks just as the sun is coming up and you can just see trees peeking out in the distance.

  7. We went to the library too on Wednesday! Brent was gone from Monday-Thursday and by Wednesday we needed to reset, I was DONE with their bad attitudes, ha. The frost picture is really cool, too!

  8. Ohhh I should make the applesauce jumbles for Hanukkah! I've been trying to think of Hannukah themed desserts and this reminded me of one!


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