Tuesday, October 06, 2020

One Sentence A Day: September 2020

Because it's the first Tuesday of the month, as is normal for 2020 (if I can say anything has been "normal" about this year!), I am linking up for "One Sentence A Day" with Rebecca Jo and other bloggers. Welcome to my September :)

1 - Tuesday - Work, job interview, work training, bedtime -- that pretty much sums up today. #imsotired

2 - Wednesday - Sam had an optometrist appointment today and, upon discovering one eye is slightly weaker than the other, asked for a monocle! (Second sentence: The optometrist laughed and said that was the best thing she'd heard in weeks!)
I had to sort pencil crayons at work this day.

3 - Thursday - I spent most of the morning at work dividing up masks into baggies for the students which is a weird sign of the times.

I captured this amazing sunrise this day.
4 - Friday - I had a long work day, walked most of the way home (forty minute walk), and bought some nail polish I'd been thinking about since May!

5 - Saturday - Church small group, shopping for Rachel's dance uniform, Zoom supper with a good friend -- it was a FULL day.

6 - Sunday - Since it was cold, we cancelled our swimming time, did all the yard work, and Rachel came grocery shopping with me for the first time since April.

7 - Monday - It was a get things done inside the house day -- baking buns, going through Rachel's room and clothes, folding and putting away laundry, cleaning rooms -- we got a lot done.

8 - Tuesday - I had my first day of work at the place I will be working for the next five weeks and I felt very new :)

9 - Wednesday - I felt like I was making useful contributions at work this day and I baked muffins and cleaned Bluey's bowl in the evening.

10 - Thursday - I did not sleep well the previous night, left work early with a migraine, and slept for four hours in the afternoon :(

We took a walk to buy ballet slippers for Rachel.

11 - Friday - We got to go INTO our library for the first time in almost six months today!!!

12 - Saturday -- It was Rachel's first day of dance, we walked 10km, we dropped off a lot of stuff at the thrift store, and we had doughnut chocolate milkshakes.

13 - Sunday - Sam had his first ball practice of fall league today, Rachel and I got some new clothes, and we got the kids prepared for their first day of school!!!!

14 - Monday - The kids had their first day of school today in six months today!!!

15 - Tuesday - I took the LRT home from work and ran into a youth from our church small group.

16 - Wednesday - I was asleep by 7:30 this day.


Sam, ready for his ballgame, this night.

17 - Thursday - Working is exhausting and I went to bed early again this night.

18 - Friday - I don't remember the last time I was so happy to see a weekend!!!

19 - Saturday - We bought more masks, went to the library, and I did a lot of laundry this day.

20 - Sunday -- I actually relaxed in the afternoon this day and read outside for a bit while painting my toenails :)

21 - Monday -- I enjoyed helping Rachel write her "10 On The 10th" post while Dave was at ball with Sam.

22 - Tuesday -- I didn't sleep very well the previous night so I was thankful Dave was able to drive me to work and pick me up.

23 - Wednesday -- Today was a very stressful day of work and I almost cried.

Rachel made a mini ghost banner to decorate her door. We've been trying to keep the kids' Hallowe'en expectations low as we think trick or treating will be cancelled.

24 - Thursday -- We had a BBQ and I read an entire (short) book before bed.

25 - Friday -- I have never been so happy to see a work week come to an end!

Sam and Dave played baseball by moonlight.

26 - Saturday -- We had an impromptu church small group gathering and it was the best thing to happen all week!

27 - Sunday -- We enjoyed an outdoor afternoon visit with some good friends and it was so good to see them again.

28 - Monday -- We had Cream of Carrot-Cheddar Soup for supper which is one of my favourites!

29 - Tuesday -- I loved watching the Blue Jays play playoff baseball, even though they lost.

30 - Wednesday -- Sam's baseball game was cancelled, due to rain, and we watched the very last Blue Jays game of this odd 2020 season.


  1. That monocle comment cracked me up too! My boys and I felt like celebrating when our library finally opened up and allowed us inside too (though only one person per family is allowed in at any time).

    1. Our library just started allowing people inside at the beginning of September. They aren't limiting the number of people per family but they are encouraging us to keep visits short and efficient. The kids were THRILLED to be able to browse again.

  2. Sounds like a really great month, but pretty busy. Lots of walking...I'm trying to up my walking some right now too.

    I enjoyed reading your post...have a great October!

  3. All the mums!!!!
    OK - so I'm so jealous - I ALwAYS wanted ballet slippers when I was growing up. I wore a ballerina outfit one time for Halloween & I still remember feeling so beautiful in it

  4. Doughnut chocolate milkshakes, YUM! Looks like fall/Halloween decorating going on at your place. Nice mums & I love those cute little ghosts.

    1. The mums and the ghosts make me smile every time I walk by them. The ghosts are really small and so cute!

  5. I love mums! You had a busy month!!

  6. Here's to dance and baseball and more NORMALCY :)

  7. This is so cool! I love the sentence a day! Those mums are huge! I bet they are beautiful!!

    1. The mums make me happy every time I step out our back door. I keep wanting to take picture of them! :)

  8. I imagine your children to be very creative and funny. Love the monocle remark. And the ghost garland.

    So sorry the start of work was so stressful. Hope that this month you are able to settle into something that feels more familiar.

    We are waiting to hear what the city says about trick or treat, here, too. My grands have costumes but they may just have to dress up for school or to come to our house for treats. So sad.

    1. Dave and I are often laughing at how hilarious our kids are! They make us laugh A LOT! And Rachel, especially, is very creative and crafty. I love seeing what her imagination comes up with.

  9. Ok so I'm trying to comment on your halloween post and it won't let me so I'm literally copying/pasting my halloween comment into this post. "I'm really jealous of all your events in your city (which are now canceled but they sounded great when they were open!). I have never heard of Coffee Crisp but given that I don't like coffee, I imagine I wouldn't like it lol. But I do LOVE Kit Kats! Kit kats are my second favorite next to Reese's PB Cups. I also despise scary movies and absolutely cannot watch any of them. Never seen Poltergeist and I'm quite ok with that."

  10. A great recap of your month! Hope things are settling down over there Covid wise!


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