Monday, June 15, 2020

The Ninth Edition of The KC Post

Editor's note: I meant to publish this post last Monday but last week was an interesting week. I will try and write more about it for tomorrow. All this is to say that there is no edition of The KC Post from the past two weeks. We are sorry about that but it just didn't happen. Enjoy this edition though :)

May 25, 2020
Newspaper Articles
by Sam

Articles are bad
I do not like writing them
Don’t want to write one

The Prize Is Not A Chicken!!!
by Rachel

Today Rachel and Sam played a game to learn Hebrew called "The Prize is Not a Chicken." How the game worked: the game worked with three people: one person (I’d recommend a parent) who is good at Hebrew, and two children. First, you need to know enough Hebrew to be able to play the game. Once you’ve learned enough Hebrew (I’d recommend the Sam the Detective book – it’s how I learned. Editor's note: You can get it here.), take a small whiteboard and a whiteboard marker, and make your whiteboard look like the one in the picture.
The adult will have a whiteboard marker and the whiteboard. They will start calling out words in Hebrew, but only words starting with letters that the kids know. The kids will take turns thinking and then saying the letter that the Hebrew word starts with. If they are right, then they get a point. If the first kid doesn’t get the letter right, then the second kid gets a chance. If neither kid gets it right, then nobody gets a point.
At the end of the game, your goal is to have the most points. You can have a prize if you want to, but you don’t have to. Just remember: THE PRIZE IS NOT A CHICKEN!!!!!!!

May 26, 2020
Drumsticks The Chicken
by Sam

by Rachel

Editor's note: Rachel has decided to share one piece of artwork each week. This week is from a school art assignment and it is titled, "Dancing Avocado."

May 27, 2020
Slip And Sliding
by Rachel

Today I and my brother went on the slip and slide. The slip and slide is really fun in my opinion. The slip and slide is a rubber line that has sprinklers and it makes sure that you don’t slide off the end. To get it to slip and slide you put dish soap on the line. Also the slip and slide is good to use during hot days. Get it out, get your mom or dad to blow up the end, and then get a parent to help you get a hose out and get the hose to a water tap outside and hook it up!!!!!!

HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slip And Slide Haiku
by Sam

Slip and slide is fun
Plus it can cool you down
It is really great

International Trade Mission Yields Mixed Results
by Dave
This past week, Minister of Trade, Dave, and International Relations attaché, Natasha, embarked on a mission to Canadian Tirania, to procure much-needed outdoor grilling equipment, and an accompanying sun protection device. While these items were obtained successfully (thanks to a previous back-channel communiqué), the base for said sun-protection device was another story.
Due to some miscommunication between KCUT’s trade ambassadors and an emissary from Canadian Tirania, the KCUT mission returned with only one out of the four required components of the base.
The KCUT emissaries will be returning to Canadian Tirania at some point in the future to resolve the international trade mishap.

May 28, 2020
Fridge Cleanup
by Sam

Today the KCUT royal family cleaned out the royal refrigerator. It was a long and grueling task. First they took all the stuff out of the door shelves. They put them in various non-fridge places. Then they took out the shelves. They washed the door shelves with soapy water, and dried them. They then did the same for the shelves in the fridge. Some were made of glass, so they had to be extra careful. Then the fridge was cleaned, and they were all happy.

Minecraft City
by Rachel

Minecraft city’s cool
Minecraft is my favourite game
Minecraft is the best

May 29, 2020
by Sam

Today a “hurricane” hit the KCUT. While weather experts confirmed it wasn’t actually a hurricane, the driving wind and pouring rain sure made it feel like one. At one point the wind was so powerful that the rain was almost moving sideways. Surprisingly, there was not much damage, and due to covid, most people were inside anyways. It was a good day for florists, as their flowers got much water, which will hopefully help them grow a lot.

Construction of Outdoor Grilling Equipment Stymied
by Dave
Based on the success of a recent trade mission to Canadian Tirania, KCUT structural engineer, Dave, made an initial attempt to assemble the recently-purchased outdoor grilling equipment.
Unfortunately, this effort was quickly abandoned after an initial perusal of the assembly instructions revealed warnings such as “ensure two people are on hand to complete this step” and “this part is VERY HEAVY and requires three people.” Thus, it was clear that the assembly project would need to wait for additional (adult) helpers to be available.
Although this project was unsuccessful, Dave’s energy was quickly diverted towards continuing maintenance and upkeep of the KCUT royal grounds, and the afternoon’s effort resulted in a freshly-mown backyard, a weeded garden bed, and help provided to the assistant under-gardeners in the removal of dandelions from the lawn.

Friday Haiku
by Sam

Friday is awesome
Better than the other six
Start of the weekend

Sleepover Fun
by Rachel

Sleepovers are fun
They happen in the basement
Goldfish are yummy


  1. OK, now I can go back to living my best life thanks to the much needed update of The KC Royal Post. Thank you! :)

  2. So cute as always! Rachel is a good artist!

  3. I love these issues, y'all are so creative. I'm really impressed by Rachel's avocado and can't wait to see more artwork. The kids have been playing on our slip 'n slide too, it's fun to think we are so far apart but enjoying some of the same things. I spied Coke in your fridge, YUM!


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