Thursday, July 09, 2020

In Honour Of Father's Day...

I meant to publish this post right before Father's Day but I didn't have it ready in time. (Thanks for nothing headaches.) Thus, I am publishing it now.

I'm realizing a lot of my good questionnaires come from Dara at Not In Jersey. You can find her original post here. I thought this was a good one in honour of Father's Day. (Which has now passed. Ooops.) Also, the photos are just random photos of Dave and the kids since the beginning of 2020.

Daddy is watching TV, what is he watching?

Rachel: Random stuff
Sam:  The Mandalorian
Dave says: Either an old Blue Jays game or a 80s or 90s movie (This is specific to Covid.)
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: Those are good answers.

Name something Daddy hates.

Rachel: Arguing with Mommy.
Sam:  People sitting on him.
Dave says: People who act irresponsibly and cause problems for society.
Right now, people who are ignoring quarantine.
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: Yep, I hate those things too.

If we go out to eat, what does Daddy order to drink?

Rachel: Coke
Sam:  Coke
Dave says: A Coke
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: Yes!

Favorite music to listen to?

Rachel: The Tragically Hip or Stan Rogers
Sam:  The Tragically Hip
Dave says: The Tragically Hip or others 90s rock
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: They know me well. I can't believe I forgot about Stan.

What is something Daddy does for fun?

Rachel: Plays with me and Sam or plays guitar or piano
Sam:  Plays baseball
Dave says: Plays guitar
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: Sometimes, having the kids request songs is more fun, sometimes less so.

What does Daddy do at work?

Rachel: He goes to [his company] and helps with security stuff and makes Mirrormere
Sam:  Goes to meetings
Dave says: I help run projects for the information security team at a local tech company.
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: Sam's answer sums things up some days.

What would Daddy eat every day if he could?

Rachel: Cheesecake
Sam:  Mushrooms!
Dave says: Pasta
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: Now I want to eat mushroom pasta with cheesecake for dessert.

What is Daddy’s favorite color?

Rachel: It's either green or blue.
Sam:  I don't know.
Dave says: Blue
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: I was really struggling between green and blue.

What is something that you do that Daddy wishes you didn’t do?

Rachel: Jump up and down in the house and talk in a "baby voice."
Sam: Sit on him.
Dave says: Not listen on the first, second or third request.
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: Yes, I hate these things too.

What is Daddy’s favorite animal?

Rachel: He doesn't have one. No, dolphin!!!
Sam:  I don't know.
Dave says: Dolphin.
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: Good job Rachel!

What could Daddy spend all day doing?

Rachel: Playing guitar and piano
Sam:  Reading.
Dave says: Playing music
About the kids' answers, Dave's comment is: I might have thought reading until I had all this time on my hands. Apparently, I'm not as avid a reader as I thought I was.

How old is Daddy?

Rachel: 38
Sam:  38
Dave says: 38


  1. Good work kids! They know him well. I always enjoy an interview/quiz type post :)

    1. I love these kinds of posts too, which is why you will see so many of them on my blog!!!

  2. They know him well! It makes me laugh that he doesn't like people sitting on him.

  3. I haven't heard of The Mandalorian. I've been watching Christmas movies lately.
    Love these pictures!

  4. You know I LOVE this. So fun to get to know Dave a little better. :) I have never heard of Stan Rogers or The Tragically Hip ha.

  5. This is the sweetest thing Natasha -thanks for sharing AND a big thank you for all of your prayers- truly truly appreciate them XO

  6. This is adorable! I particularly love that his job is “going to meetings” because that sums up so much of life now lol


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