Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Today I'm sharing a few photos of our drive from Whitehorse (after we'd left Watson Lake, which you can read about here) to Southern Alberta. It was three long days of driving since getting to Watson Lake only took about three hours!
We see you up there bison. And yes, we'll stop.
At the Watson Lake tourist information centre we picked up a two-sided photocopied sheet that pointed out places of interest along the Alaska Highway. It definitely kept us entertained on the way home. One of the stops was a place where you could hike to some salt flats. I guess this is a good spot for wildlife sightings around dawn and dusk. For us, it was just a good spot for a short hike.
We spent some time at Liard Hot Springs again and on the way back to our hotel, we saw a couple of caribou on the side of the road. That was pretty cool!
Toad River doesn't boast much but for some obscure reason, the ceiling of the gift shop/restaurant is covered in hats. I guess there are about 7,200 and it started because someone got bored. You can read more about it here. Fun, eh?
I actually made Dave back up so I could take this picture. We thought it was hilarious!!! (Can you read the message on the back of the trailer?) When you don't have a pen and paper handy...
More caribou (or stone sheep or some sort of animal that was pretty darn close to our car!)...

Thanks for posing so nicely for me while I take a picture... (from the passenger seat of the car, by the way).
We got out of the car at Summit Lake to stretch our legs.
It was gorgeous!
And Sam skipped some more rocks!
I still enjoyed all the fireweed in bloom along the side of the roads. And all the empty highways!
The kids weren't as enamoured with the scenery as Dave and I were, nor were they driving, so they spent a few hours like this :)
When I posted this picture on Instagram, a few people expressed shock that our kids will sleep in the car. Keep in mind that they had had an extremely busy, on the go, week with friends, and that we don't have screens in the car. This was a good way to pass the time!
While we were sad to leave the beauty (and the emptiness) of the Northern Rockies behind, we were quite excited to get to our hotel that night. (The upright pillow between them was so they wouldn't fight. Ugh.)
The next day, traffic picked up as we drove through Alberta, but our afternoon drive was surprisingly empty. We saw lots of this and not much else. And it was so beautiful. I am still a prairie girl at heart.

I am still amazed at all the scenery and variety of wildlife we got to experience on this trip.

Coming tomorrow (I hope!) is a recap of another one of my favourite things we did on this trip -- a very unique museum. It's way cooler than it sounds - ha!

To read about day 18 go here.

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! The scenery is stunning. I LOVE the pillow blocking the kids from fighting - makes me feel so much better about the non-stop bickering in my house ha!


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