Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Giraffe Kisses!!!

I have to say this was one of the most unique things we did while in Kenya. We got to feed giraffes. We went to the Giraffe Centre (read more about it here), just outside of Nairobi.
You could either feed them at the main level fence or walk up the stairs so you were more at the giraffes' heads level. You got a handful of pellets and were supposed to feed them one at a time.
At first Sam wasn't that into feeding them but we... encouraged... him to try it and he thought it was okay. He mostly wanted to watch though.
Rachel was also a little hesitant but then she got brave. And then she made friends with a baby giraffe and she was all about feeding him (or her!).
One option was that you could put the pellet in your mouth (between your lips) and the giraffe would lick it out. I didn't think I would get brave enough to do it...
...but I did!!! More than once, in fact!
Giraffe tongues are kind of rough, and I got a little slimy.
Dave got brave too but he left his mouth open too wide and got a little giraffe tongue in it. Hahahahahaha!!!
I think we all enjoyed this bit of our time in Kenya. It was an incredible, unique, very memorable experience. And we'd all love to do it again so if you have a giraffe hanging around, looking for keepers, let us know :)

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  1. Fun! Andpoor Dave, making out with the giraffe! Ick! We have a very tiny zoo right near our house and one of their few attractions in giraffes. We pop over at least once a week but have yet to feed the giraffes. Maybe we will next time!


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