Tuesday, October 11, 2016

#tbt A Walk To Remember*

Earlier this year, we started encouraging the kids to walk a lot. We have The Chariot, and both kids can still fit in it, but it's getting a little heavy to push and it's too big to take on road trips. Rachel has always been a good walker (she's got good stamina and doesn't complain (much!)), but Sam needed a little extra motivation. Thankfully, the Fitbit we got him for his birthday seems to have provided the extra encouragement he needed.
For my birthday, I wanted to walk up the CN Tower but sadly, the climb we were going to do happened to fall the Saturday after Sam's surgery and we didn't want to leave him. So instead I told Dave, "Let's follow the trails in our city and walk to the mall." It was a 12 kilometre (7.5 mile) round trip.
Now lest the photos deceive you, we did have the Chariot with us, and Rachel tripped about forty-five minutes into our two hour walk and rode in the Chariot much of the way. Sam got a little further, but understandably, both kids were pretty tired.
My favourite part of the whole excursion was that, even though we were in the middle of our city, we felt like we were in the country. Most of the time you couldn't hear traffic and we walked along a creek for much of the way. It was so beautiful.
We were definitely ready for lunch when we got to the mall!
And we got to see the actual van from Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope. That was pretty cool.
And then we were on our way home again. We had fun walking under the highway.
It was also fun to try and find baby ducklings.
Like I said, it was hard to remember we were in the middle of the city! And we even got to see our provincial flower, the trillium, in bloom. It was definitely a walk to remember.
*I know Throwback Tuesday doesn't have quite the same ring, but I really wanted to post this today!


  1. Nice! We definitely need to do better about walking.

  2. You guys are SO ambitious!! I'm so impressed...and your seven day step count on FitBit is always about a million more than mine, so...yeah. :) Keep up the awesome work- especially with the kids, that is super extra great!

  3. This looks fun. I walked CC in the stroller one day recently to preschool which is a mile and a half away. You've got me motivated now, so I'll try to do it again this week! :)

  4. Your walking and exercising with the kids inspires me. I love discovering trails like this right in your own backyard. So pretty! You definitely can't tell it is in the middle of a city. Way to go!


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