Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Day In Which We Ate!

I know I posted something this morning, but in the interest of catching up, here's a bonus post for today :)

Okay, so we didn't just eat on Saturday but there sure was some good food happening. Our first stop was Log Cabin BBQ where I had my first sweet tea and Dave had a pulled pork sandwich, green beans, and hush puppies. I wanted to taste a hush puppy but Dave ate them too fast. Boo :(
That afternoon the female relatives on Janice's mom's side of the family had a gathering and I was honoured to be included in that. It was an amazing afternoon tea. I ate a lot of delicious food, finishing it off with an incredible raspberry cheesecake.
While I was eating way too much enjoying afternoon tea, Dave got a tour of the campus of the college where Tim and Janice met.
That evening Tim and Janice and family had a family reunion to attend. We had been invited to join them but Sam was just starting to get Rachel's cold so we decided not to infect everyone and went to Cracker Barrel for supper instead. Dave had never been before, and while Sam did try to convince us that his class had taken a field trip there, we didn't quite believe him :) (FYI, Cracker Barrel does not exist in Canada!)
I had grilled catfish, fried okra, and hashbrown casserole. Oh. My. Yum! Dave had country-fried steak, dumplings, grits, and a baked sweet potato (read: Carbs, CARBS, CARBS!!!)

On the way home we took some last pictures of the Virginia countryside.
And that was the end of our time in Virginia. The next day we were up bright and early to make our way to Hilton Head.

*You can read about Day 5 here. Day 4 was a non-documented driving day.


  1. This post makes me hungry! We love Cracker Barrel. I'm so glad that you got to eat there!

  2. Yay for good southern eating. Sorry it is all so unhealthy but since Dave is pretty thin, he can handle the extra carbs! Can't wait to read about your adventures in NC! ;-)

  3. If you're ever back to CB in the fall, make sure you get the apple dumpling. They're HUGE, so either be hungry or SHARE. :) Ryan and I made that mistake!

  4. I'm actually not a big fan of Cracker Barrel. I feel like so many people love it, and the food there seems like the type I enjoy, but every time I go there I wind up a bit disappointed.


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