Sunday, May 25, 2014

Project 364: Days 137 Through 143

May 18, 2014 -- Thanks to a lot of help from our friends, our yard acquired this play structure!
May 19, 2014 -- We spent the holiday Monday helping Tim and Janice in their yard. I was taking a picture of the window boxes I planted, and later noticed my reflection in the window :)
May 20, 2014 -- Janice gave me a mini gurgle pot for my birthday so I picked some daffodils from our yard to put in it. Also pictured, nachos for a snack as Dave and I watch "Republic Of Doyle."
May 21, 2014 -- We went and had supper at our old residence. Every Wednesday the entire community eats together at a meal known as "Community Supper." The "Commie Supper bread" is infamous and I was thrilled to eat some again.
May 22, 2014 -- Sam enjoyed a quiet moment on Rachel's preschool train trip.
May 23, 2014 -- We had a potluck supper with a group of friends from university and Sam and Rachel really enjoyed the trampoline. I really enjoyed listening to Rachel laugh as she jumped while I held her hands!
May 24, 2014 -- After a very long, intense day I just couldn't handle matching up this laundry basket of socks. Does anyone want to come and do it for me?!?


  1. Another great week! I LOVE the picture of Sam on the train. It's really a great one. I have a basket of unmated socks too. I don't know why I hate matching them so much.

  2. I hate matching socks. My aunt used to just leave all the socks in a basket on her dryer for her kids to fish out themselves (although she did have 5 children....I cannot even imagine how many socks that would be!!!). Cute contemplative Sam picture :) I am also jealous of your playset!!


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