Monday, May 19, 2014

It Takes A Village...

our yard before

Last fall an acquaintance offered us their play centre. For free! So Dave and I said, "Sure" and hoped that my dad would be able to help us move it to our yard. Because we are not handy with stuff like this. My dad was going to take care of it while we were in New Zealand but the timing was off and so it didn't happen.

So we asked a couple of our handy friends to help. They said YES! and we were thrilled. Since both of these handy friends happen to be in our church small group, we also decided to have a care group gathering with a meal around the disassembling/moving/reassembling of the play centre. Our handy friends also brought a trailer and straps to move the disassembled play centre and tools to help take it apart. They are helpful like that :)

 Elhana is an amazing photographer and was passing on some of her skills to Rachel!

Sam was too impatient to wait for the swings to be ready so Shirley and Elhana helped him out! Since Sam and Rachel were also getting a little bored/too intrigued by the play structure putting together process, Shirley and Elhana also took Sam and Rachel to their house to bake a carrot cake.
And the finished product was put to the test right away as our small group kids descended on it almost immediately. We are so grateful that Wes, Nolan, Elhana, Shirley, and Aaron gave us their time and skills this afternoon to help us with the project. And if you want to come play we have three swings, a slide, a platform, and a fire pole! It's pretty awesome :)


  1. That's awesome! Having a swingset in our backyard has been a sanity-saver for me. I like being able to let Davis run free out there while I can keep an eye on him from the kitchen window. Doesn't take nearly as much energy as keeping up with him at the park! :)

  2. I'll try the swing and I'm pretty sure Ryan will want to play on the fire pole! HOW FUN IS THIS!!! Perfect backyard fun!

    1. I've already tested the swings a couple of times and they are FUN!!! And since the fire pole is a little to big for our kids yet, it will always be free for Ryan :) Unless Willem is here because he really wishes they had a fire pole on their play centre.

  3. That's awesome! We've been talking a lot about getting a swing set. You all are going to have some great family time out there.

  4. SO awesome!! Not gonna lie, sometimes I wish I had a playground in my back yard, even without kids. Swinging is just awesome no matter how old you are.

  5. With as many times as you have helped people out and been involved in your community and church, I am glad they were able to help you this time. So cute! Hope you all have fun with it.

  6. And I thought our playset from Wal-mart was a great definitely can't beat free. And I know all the help was much appreciated. We got Evan's when he turned 3 and put it together ourselves. It has gotten much use the last 4 years. :-)


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