Tuesday, October 08, 2013

House Tour 2013: Little Girl Love

Last year when I was looking at all the home tours on Kelly's Korner's blog, I fell in love with the little girl rooms which were done in yellows, greens and pinks. I decided that would be my colour scheme for Rachel's big girl room in our forever house. And guess what, when we looked at the house, the room we thought would suit for Rachel was already painted a light green. I love it! Since her rug, which we bought for her before she was born (okay, we bought it before I was even pregnant with her -- ha!), was red, blue and green, I convinced Dave that we should buy her a new rug. When I showed this pink fluffy one to her at Target she started laughing hysterically, rubbing her cheek against it and saying, "Rachel rug! Rachel rug!" over and over again. How could we not get it for her?!?!? And she still loves it.
Rachel's room is not... spacious... shall we say, so we have to make good use of space. Once we are able to get rid of the change table we will be able to set it up a little better. Note to self: work on toilet training -- pronto! We have her rocking chair in the corner beside her dresser, which is mostly covered in books.
We wanted to have the crib on an inside wall to help Rachel stay warm at night. Her head is facing an outside wall but the rest of the crib shares a wall with Sam's room. Which may not be the most brilliant idea ever :) Above Rachel's crib you can see the "art" I created last summer. Again, this was another product of reading the SUYL posts.
A few weeks ago we went to IKEA and one of the things we were looking for was new curtains for Sam. I ended up falling in love with these ones, and so we switched Rachel's curtains to Sam's room and got these ones for her. They are pretty plain except for the brown plaid edging and this embroidery. I love them though.
This is a view of the window, the closet and Rachel's change table area. Rachel's room is not the biggest one in the house but I think it's just perfect for her. I can't wait to see how this room grows and changes with her.


  1. I love how cheerful the colors are! And I'm sure Rachel loves it, too :)

  2. I love all of the fun and happy colors and the "special" touches just for her. I love that she said "Rachel rug" at Target. Brody hasn't said his own name yet although he has been saying more names and other words in the last few weeks. It will be interesting to see the spin the room takes when she puts her own touches to it. I can't wait for more of the House Tour. :-)

  3. What a pretty room for a pretty girl! Two walls in my girls' room are green. I love it too!

  4. Oh, I love it! You did a great job, and I'm sure she is going to enjoy it so much!


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