Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving: Part 1

Last year we didn't really celebrate Thanksgiving because we were in New York visiting Dave's relatives over Canadian Thanksgiving. Therefore, this year, we are making up for it by having TWO Thanksgiving celebrations. Yay! Here's a photo essay of our first celebration on Saturday with Donny, Marika, Marika's mom, and Marika's cousin, Sam in Toronto.
Dave stirs the gravy, which was a cool reddish colour because Marika roasted beets in the bottom of the turkey roaster, while Donny, with Sam's help, carves the turkey.
Rachel waits for the food which is all sitting out of her reach! We had roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, salad (our only contribution to the meal), roasted parsnip, carrots, potatoes and beets, and quinoa-feta-cranberry stuffed squash. Marika also fried the turkey liver in butter and that, and pickles, is pretty much all Sam ate. We were more than fed!
After lunch I danced off some excess food before we walked to a park.
I made Sam and Rachel chase me part of the way home from the park so they could burn some energy. Then, after we had pumpkin pie, apple pie, ice cream and whipped cream for dessert, I had a nap.
Some fall foliage Dave photographed on the way home from the park
Yesterday morning at church we had our annual food drive offering. Every Thanksgiving Sunday, people in our congregation are invited to bring food up for the Food Bank as well as our monetary offerings. I love seeing all the food we collect. And then after church Tessa was reading to Sam, Rachel and Willem. This isn't the greatest picture but it preserves a really sweet memory.
Yesterday afternoon I made a pumpkin and an apple pie, and the pastry too, with help from my able assistant, Sam. We will eat them at Thanksgiving dinner with Tim, Janice, Tessa and Willem later today.
First, though, we're going to a parade. Tune in tomorrow for Happy Thanksgiving: Part 2. And to any Canadians who are reading this, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Day today!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! What a great day! I love your outfit too! You look so pretty! Enjoy celebrating today!!!!

  2. See, Tracy agrees you look stunning in that outfit! I must use it! :-)

    I want to celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada and then I want you to come celebrate Thanksgiving here...and Tracy must join too! You guys set a gorgeous and yummy Thanksgiving feast. Tell Marika I love that subway tile in her kitchen. I am also jealous of the fall foliage because ours is taking forever to change because of all the rain we've had. And I bet that apple and pumpkin pie are scrumptious! :-)

  3. Now it is a GOOD YEAR when you get two Thanksgivings. I love this!!!! And those pies - YUMMY!!!!!

    1. It IS a good year when you get two Thanksgivings! Especially since we had no Thanksgivings last year.

  4. So fun! Our countries' Thanksgivings are a month and a half apart, but looks like we celebrate pretty similarly! That stuffed squash sounds amAAAAZING! YUM! Feel free to mail your leftovers my way!! :)

  5. It was so good to have you all over. Thanks Sherry for the compliment on the tiles!

    I was going to post the squash recipe from Sprouted Kitchen ( when I realized it's not actually on the blog, but in her cookbook which I have. Someone seems to have posted it themselves though so I'm including that link as well.


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