Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bright And Colourful Rewards

So at the beginning of June I set out some goals for myself and asked you all to help keep me accountable. If I managed to reach my goals I was going to get some neat rewards. Well, I did reach some of my goals and my rewards have been well worth it.

My first goal was not snacking after supper for a month. I pretty much aced this goal. And I am happy to report, that almost two months later, I still do not snack after supper. I feel like this was a long-term, unhealthy habit which I have managed to get rid of. (And we won't count all those milkshakes in Saskatchewan -- that's what vacations are about!).

My reward was supposed to be a book in a series I had been reading and enjoying. However, then I started lusting after an Erin Condren Life Planner and, after much convincing, Dave was okay with that being my reward instead. Oh. My. Goodness. I am sooooooo happy with this planner. I ordered the "Favourite Things" one and it's bright. It's colourful. It has enough space for everything I need to write down. I bought ten coloured pens at Target in Saskatoon and my life is now colour-coordinated. Rachel's activities are in orange and Sam's are in dark green. I may not get everything done that I write down but at least I now know what I'm not getting done! If you have thought about getting one of these at all, I would highly recommend them. (And the only "extra" I got was the extra six months so my planner is good until December 2014. Whoo hoo!!!)
My other goal was to get to the gym three times a week, and I managed to do that except for one week when I missed a day. It was the day of Rachel's party and Dave and I both agreed that me getting to the gym was less important than getting everything ready. While I was at Target in Saskatoon with my mom, I bought myself a new exercise shirt. I love the colour and the feel of it. Ironically, I didn't make it to the gym last week AT ALL (VBS really took all my energy last week) and so I haven't actually worked out in it yet. However, getting to the gym is on my list of things to do. Really, it is.

My reward for getting seven hours of sleep a night was to be more rested. That is the goal I did least well on. I am going to keep working on getting to the gym regularly and getting enough sleep. Maybe I'll even report back once in awhile so that you guys can help keep me accountable. But seriously -- thank you for helping me to reach some of my goals! You guys are the best!!!


  1. Ooooooh that EC planner is beautiful. I have serious planner lust. And love that you got the colored pens to go with it! It would just be wrong to write in such a lovely planner with boring black pens!!

  2. Love the planner - sounds like it was a great reward! :)

  3. I love the brightly colored personalized planner! It definitely makes me want one, but my only problem with it is that I would have to write in it. Haha! I might would use one for a month and then I would just forget to keep up with it. You would think my OCD would help me do a better job of keeping up with our calendar and activities, but it doesn't. My husband is actually better at keeping up with our appointments so he puts them all in his phone calendar and reminds me of them. I know, how slack am I? It really does bother me that I don't always know when my appointments are. I guess I keep up with too many calendars at work and just don't want to see one at home. :-)

  4. Great job! Hooray for treating yourself!

  5. Way to go on keeping your goals! I want a planner now! It's super cute! Keep up the good work!!!


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