Monday, November 03, 2008

Hallowe'en Party

For Hallowe'en we were invited to Donny and Marika's Hallowe'en party in Calgary. Costumes were optional, according to the invitation. However, we took our costumes very seriously -- especially Attila's! Dave put an extraordinary amount of work into Attila's costume, with amazing results :)

How many kids get a handsewn costume?
Let alone, when they are inside the womb.

Attila's costume, before it was attached to Natasha's costume.
Didn't Dave do an awesome job? Individual fingers, and everything.

The two of us weren't as intentional about our own costumes.
Thus Natasha was "a person whose job requires them to wear scrubs"
and Dave was a "doctor-pirate-ninja-type person."

Appropriately, Donny and Marika were sushi -- tuna and salmon, to be precise. For those people who don't know them, Donny and Marika LOVE sushi!

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