Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Burning Dad's chair! And Thanksgiving too...

For Thanksgiving we went to Natasha's parents. It was a nice fall weekend. Definitely one of the highlights was the burning of Natasha's dad's recliner, which spent the summer living outside. Natasha's dad had the brilliant idea (or not???) of sitting in the chair while it was on the fire. Unfortunately he didn't warn Natasha that she should get her camera ready until he was already on the chair, in the fire. It takes Natasha's camera about 5-8 seconds to warm up. It was a... dicey... situation, to say the least. But we got a good photo out of it...

Natasha's dad looking, rightfully, a little worried. About three
seconds after he jumped off the chair it looked like this...

A nice fall picture of Natasha's mom's garden. It provided
great food for them (and us too!) all summer.

Natasha's mom relaxes in front of a more... sedate... fire.

Natasha's mom made excellent pies, despite her worries
about preparing Thanksgiving dinner in a small space.

The turkey was duly, and excellently,
cooked in a wood pellet burning BBQ.

The remains of our dinner. Natasha's nephew,
Liam, is looking for something to do!

Natasha's niece, Ainsley, displays her new status :)

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