Monday, September 03, 2007

Natasha's new jobs

Well now that you know all about the moving aspect of life I thought I'd tell you all what exactly it is that I'm doing here. I have two part-time jobs, both of which were lined up before I got here. It's true that there's a shortage of employees in Alberta, which worked out well for me :)

My first job is an office manager-administrative assistant-bookkeeping position. I will work twenty hours a week, in the mornings. The company is called WAVE CONTROL systems ltd ( and they produce a very specific part for the oil industry -- it has to do with chemical fluid control. I really don't understand more than that. I am doing all of the bookkeeping, various administrative tasks, and eventually I will also be a part of the quality control and testing phase of things. I might even get to assemble some fusion boxes, whatever they are! This past week I worked full-time at WAVE CONTROL since the research group wasn't ready to have me start yet.

That's my other job -- I am a research assistant for a kidney research group at the University of Alberta. I will be working there in the afternoons. My good friend, Natasha Wiebe, is a statistician for the group and she is the one who has brought me on board. I am looking forward to starting there next week and will be able to fill you all in on more details of that job at a later point.

One of the things I really like about both my jobs is that they are located within walking distance of our place. The walk to WAVE CONTROL is 3.3 km from our house and takes me a little over half an hour. I don't know what it will be like in winter but I am looking forward to the challenge! The walk to the university is also about half an hour. Unfortunately they are located on opposite sides of our house so to get from one to the other I will have to take the bus. Oh well, nothing's perfect.

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