Monday, September 03, 2007

Entry into Edmonton

After a week in Saskatoon, we headed out on the final leg of our journey, arriving in Edmonton early on Thursday afternoon (August 16). First of all though, we had to continue our tour of big things by seeing the Egg at Vegreville.

The Yellowhead in Saskatchewan

Our new provincial home

Yep, it's really a giant egg!

We got a tour of our new home from Deanna, our landlord, and went out to buy paint. Natasha's parents arrived that evening, and we spent the next three days transforming our place from a beige box into a colourful, bright home, complete with furniture -- brought from Saskatoon by Natasha's mom and dad -- and our boxes of stuff, which arrived safely from Waterloo. We are so thankful that Natasha's parents not only gave us lots of furniture that they weren't able to use, but also fixed walls, painted with us, and helped us move in for three days, in the midst of their move. Thanks.

Since words cannot describe the transformation our place underwent during those three days, we are including some pictures.

Natasha's dad fixing the numerous holes in the walls.

Our (only) door is on the right and the hall to our kitchen is on the left. Just a sample of the beige-ness of our house.

Dave showing off his paint rolling skills.

Our bedroom is getting blue-er!

Natasha's mom painted a first coat on all of our trim before she left.

After all the furniture was moved in,
we were more than ready to relax...

... but we had some unpacking to do.

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