Monday, September 13, 2021

Combination Post -- Not Just A Mom AND 10 On The 10th

I am joining up with the "Not Just A Mom" bloggers to talk about my morning routine, and since it was recently the 10th of the month, I am combining this post with my "10 On The 10th" post too! I will confess that September 10th this year was insane and there was nothing good to take pictures of -- I went to work, I napped, we had fast food for supper, and then I watched a little bit of baseball before going to bed. So I actually took these 10 pictures of my Saturday morning routine on September 11th.

For me, every morning starts in the bathroom. I brush my teeth and wash my face, using just a washcloth and water. I'm so addicted to this routine that when I travel to Europe, I make sure to bring a washcloth because they don't really have them there. 

Since it was Saturday, it was time to tackle the laundry mountain. Sadly, our dehumidifier in the basement is a little broken and doesn't always turn off when it's full so it ran onto the basement floor. Thus you can see a line of water on the left, heading under the dryer. It wasn't the most fun way to wake up.

As much as possible, I use the dehumidifier water on my outdoor plants. I bought these pots of chrysanthemums last weekend and they make me so happy! (And yes, I have a couple of pots of annuals mixed in there too because they still look okay.)

It was time for coffee-hot chocolate. Every morning I choose a mug from my collection. This day I chose my "get things done at home" mug. I don't know why this mug has become that for me but it has :) While I drank this, I also had a conversation with Rachel about the potential of biking to school.

I make my bed every morning and then I lay out my clothes for the day. I have to lay them out on a made bed. I know -- it's odd. I also open the curtains and tie them back.

I'd been up for about an hour by this point so it was time to wash my face with water for a second time and put my contacts in. Yes, I only ever wash my face with water. No, I don't wear make up. This "minimalist skin care routine" has worked for me for over thirty years now.

It was time to hang laundry outside, drink some more coffee-hot chocolate, and catch up with Dave a little.

 We gathered everyone together and, while Sam and I ate breakfast, we menu planned for the month, made a grocery list, and made a list of weekend things to do/get done. And we had a separate list for our morning errands. I really love lists and I think my family does too!

We all got dressed and headed out for our errands -- we walked to Wal-Mart for school supplies (and a few other things) and then to the libary.

Here we are, just shortly after noon, heading home from the library with the Chariot full of library books, school supplies, and a few miscellaneous items.
So there you have a small sample of my weekend morning routine. I really meant to write about my weekday morning routine, and may still do so, but last week got away from me and so you get this instead.
Thank you to the Not Just A Mom bloggers for hosting a fun link up!


  1. You have some fun rituals to get your day started!

  2. Productive mornings in your house too- love it!

  3. I picked my mums this weekend! I couldn't resist any longer, the geranium pots have made their way to the backyard.
    Yummy breakfast!

  4. I loved reading your morning routine! Thank you for sharing

  5. Morning - quick (and I do mean quick) meditation, open windows wide to have a gale blowing through the house, coffee, small amount of yoga, more coffee, washing on if needed, make bed, breakfast (same old), shower and 4 minute makeup. (phew)

  6. That is such a productive way to start your weekend! I am pretty bad about doing much of anything on Saturday mornings after waking up so early all week.

  7. Let's talk about WASHCLOTHS. I have used a washcloth my entire life (on my body, not my face) and I'm aghast when I go someplace where a washcloth is not in the normal linen stack of towels. For this reason, I also pack a washcloth wherever I go and I'm glad I found a fellow washcloth lover!

  8. What a pleasant day...with the exception of the water on the floor of the basement. I have a few mugs that others have given me but I have never bought myself a coffee mug. Think I will do that this fall. I have some mugs that go with my plates but they aren't really big enough. Would also like some big soup bowls with handles now that I am dreaming!!
    I use bar soap - antibacterial - and water on my face, too. Not going to win any prizes over here for the creamy complexion but it has served me well all these years.

  9. I have tried a bunch of different face washes and unfortunately because I have oily skin I have to use a terrible Neutrogena acne wash like I'm a teenager haha.


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