Monday, April 13, 2020

The Second Edition Of "The KC Post"

April 6, 2020
Samchester United vs David FC
by Sam

Samchester United visited David FC today in the KC Soccer League. The final score was 9-8 Samchester in extra time. The game started out 1-0 1-1 2-1 2-2 3-2 3-3 and so on, until David midfielder Dave scored two goals in a row to make it 7-5. Samchester then scored another goal, but was quickly countered by David to make the score 8-6. Finally, with five minutes remaining, Samchester forward Sam scored a goal to make it 8-7. Then, with only thirty seconds left, Sam came charging down the left side, and scored a goal to tie it 8-8, and send the game into extra time. Dave had a good chance to score after making it past the Samchester goalie, but the goalie charged back and grabbed the ball on the line, just barely stopping a goal. He then booted it up to midfield and Sam took it all the way to the goal, but passed to midfielder Sam, who then scored, making it 9-8 and winning the game for Samchester.

Neighbourhood Artist Leaves Their Mark
by Natasha

Citizens of the KC Unified Territories today woke up to the artistic renderings of RaSaNa on their driveway.
RaSaNa, a local artist, is known for their unique interpretations of animals in temporary mediums.
"I was shocked to see our driveway had been graced with such a beautiful example of avant garde street art," enthused Dave.
"I mean, how often do you actually look forward to seeing an elephant in your driveway?" added Natasha.
Rumour has it that RaSaNa's next interpretation may be of a rabbit. Keep your eyes peeled for more of their work.
RaSaNa's elephant art

By Rachel

Today we made a stained glass elephant in chalk. Step #1: first think of an animal or something you want to make and draw it in a light colour (like white). Step #2: then put masking tape on the outside of your outline and divide into parts (still with masking tape on).
Step #3: after that colour in your object (leave on masking tape). Step #4: finally pull off the masking tape and you are done!!!!!

Notice of Loss
by Dave

The KCUT royal family is saddened to report a sudden loss in the family. Their new bike went missing two Saturday nights ago and is presumed stolen.
After joyfully welcoming the twenty-four speed mountain bike into the family in late March, Sam and "Jeff," as Sam dubbed the new arrival, quickly became close friends. Sam appreciated Jeff's customized brake grips, his increased tire diameter, and his stylish colour scheme.
Sam quickly built up an undefeated record in the local bike super-sprint league, racking up wins against all competitors.
Last Sunday morning, local residents were concerned upon seeing Jeff's front door left open. Further investigation revealed that Jeff had left the premises sometime during the night, with no indication of his destination. The absence of Jeff's close friend, Helmut, caused the authorities to suspect foul play.
While the KC royal family continues to hope for Jeff's safe return, they are also looking forward to the arrival of Jeff's younger cousin, who is planning to join the family within the next few weeks.
Sam and Jeff, in happier times

Update: During the course of the KCUT crime scene investigation, forensic investigators were relieved to find Helmut safe and sound, hiding in a cave, camouflagued by native vegetation.

April 7, 2020
By Rachel

On Tuesday night Rachel, Sam and their dad were watching a movie called Zootopia. They started at 6:30 or 6:45 in the evening. Here’s what Rachel thought about the movie: what she liked about the movie were the 10,853,407 BUNNIES. What Rachel disliked about the movie was all the scary parts. Here’s what Dad thought about the movie: what he liked about the movie was the jokes and the overall message that you can be who you want to be and dream of what you want to be. What Dad disliked about the movie was the part where you find out the bad guy that it was so sudden.

Samchester United vs FC Rachelona
by Sam

Today Samchester United visited FC Rachelona, in the KC Soccer League. The final score was 10-9 Rachelona.  The game started out going back and forth between Samchester and Rachelona, 1-0 1-1 2-1 2-2 and so on, until Rachelona scored 4 goals in a row to make it 6-2. Samchester then scored another goal, but that only made it 6-3. But Samchester managed to score 4 goals as well, and Rachelona scored only 1, setting the score to 7-7. Rachelona star player Rachel scored another goal to make the score 8-7 Rachelona. Then she scored another. But Samchester forward Sam scored 2 goals to counter Rachel’s 2, and make the score 9-9. It was a first to ten game so the next goal would win the game. Rachel then passed to midfielder Rachel, who scored to win the game for Rachelona.

April 8, 2020
Ancient Traditions Re-imagined
by Dave

L’dor vador – “from generation to generation” – is a key idea in Judaism, and especially so at the Passover seder, when participants are encouraged to imagine that they are part of the biblical Exodus story. This year, many things were different because of Coronavirus and social distancing, but three generations of the KC family came together on Wednesday evening (virtually, of course) to re-imagine the Passover story.
In the midst of traditional seder elements – crumbly matzah, parsley dipped in very salty saltwater, and oh-so-tasty matzah ball soup – we had a number of new experiences: Rachel telling the story of baby Moses being sent down the Nile through colourful whiteboard drawings; Sam creating a world in Minecraft to portray the burning bush and the Ten Plagues; a “visit” from Elijah the prophet over Zoom; avant garde poetry from Sam and Rachel’s cousin Elijah, free from the confines of spelling, grammar, or any kind of intelligibility whatsoever; and an afikomen hunt that took us all the way to Whitehorse!
Technical challenges aside, it was a successful seder, and a wonderful chance to see the Passover story through the eyes of the next generation. Although the traditional end-of-seder wish is to gather “next year in Jerusalem”, this year we are all hoping to simply be together next year in person, wherever that might be.

The Ten Plagues: A Minecraft Interactive Installation
by Sam

Editor's note: Due to the "flexibility" of this newspaper, we are able to show you the following interactive video installation which our reporter Sam, created in Minecraft, with help from his assistant, Rachel, filmed by our editor, Natasha. This video is meant to be viewed without sound. Please note that there is written narration in the top left hand corner of the video.

The Story of Moses
by Rachel

One day long, long ago and far, far away there was an evil king named Pharaoh. Pharaoh as you can see was super mean and selfish he made his people work hard and did not give them enough to eat. Also one day Pharaoh said for all babies born to be killed but two midwives didn’t want to kill their baby so they put Moses in a basket and sent him down the Nile River. While Moses was floating down the Nile his sister Miriam was watching from the weeds. Meanwhile the princess was bathing in the Nile and when she saw Moses she sent her servant to get Moses then the princess opened the basket to see a crying baby the princess immediately felt sorry, then Moses’ sister asked bravely shall I get a nurse? The princess answered yes. Miriam led the princess to her mother. The princess said I will pay you to take care of Moses if I can adopt him once he is older. The mom of Moses agreed and took Moses home.
Can you see the whole story of Moses in this picture?
Hint: Start at the top!

April 9, 2020
Ballet with mom
by Rachel

On Thursday Rachel did ballet Jorgen with her mom. If you don’t know what Ballet Jorgen is, it’s a classical ballet company. Ever since Covid-19 started I have been doing ballet Jorgen. I DO NOT LIKE IT :( but I will do it anyway because I can’t do my regular Ballet class at the studio so I will make do with what I can do. Doing ballet Jorgen at home is very boring, except when you do it with Mommy. Then, it is fun to watch her do ballet again.

Mysterious Easter Surprise
by Sam
On Thursday morning, Sam and Rachel’s mom came home with a mysterious bag. She said not to open it. She also said Sam and Rachel would find out what it was on Easter Sunday. Then the kids realized that it was an Easter surprise! When KC news reporter Sam C asked Sam if he had any knowledge of what it was, Sam said he knew nothing about what it was. But Sam did know that the Easter Bunny had hired his mother so that the Easter Bunny didn’t need to risk getting covid. When Sam C asked the children's mother, she denied everything.


  1. Wow, the elephant is so cute. We'll have to try something like that. :)
    I once had an eleven dollar used bike stolen. The gear switch didn't work well and I guess the criminal got frustrated bec they brought it

  2. This is so cute. I love that you get the whole family involved!

  3. I LOVE THIS!! I mean I didn't love all the news...looking at you, bike thieves, but I love the style! Bravo!

  4. Great reporting, team! I'm super impressed by the elephant - just doing a rectangle yesterday was tough!


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