Friday, November 29, 2019

Little Letters

In May, my friend Bekah did a blog with "little letters." You can read her post here. I've had the idea for this post since then but am just getting to it now.

Dear November...Considering there wasn't a lot going on this month, you flew by awfully quickly. How did that happen and how is it DECEMBER in two days??? Please explain.

Dear library holds... How can I possibly convince you to space yourselves out a little more rather than coming in all at once??? Especially when a couple of you are "14 day" turnaround times. I really wish you could communicate with each other and get your acts together. Please...

Dear city... Even though the weather didn't cooperate, please please please say you will still come and suck up all the leaves we raked to the curb. I really don't want to have to bag them and take them to the landfill. And pay to do so. The other option is that the bags would hang out in our garage all winter which is also not ideal. If you come and suck them up, it saves me so much time and money. Thank you.

Dear laundry... Why are you never finished? Why are there always piles of you for me to deal with -- wash, fold, put away, repeat? Will there ever be a day when I'm not having to think about you without paying any consequences???

Dear Black Friday in Canada... I really don't like you. You showed up suddenly about five years ago and now it feels like we can't get rid of you. We celebrate Thanksgiving in October so you really don't make any sense. We used to have our Boxing Day sales (because it's a stat holiday here, and you know, we're Canadian) and now you've overshadowed those. Go back to where you came from please.

Dear White Table... Why are you never cleaned off? I honestly make my best efforts and it's like you're a magnet for all the things. How do I de-magnetize you?

Dear yeast... Thank you for being so small yet doing such mighty work. I use you up to three times a week some weeks when I make pizza dough, bake challah, and bake buns. Thank you for existing and adding such deliciousness to our lives :)

Dear blog readers... Thank you for reading my blog, giving me ideas for fun posts, and generally making life more interesting. I really appreciate you all. Also, if you decide to write some "little letters" of your own, please let me know so that I can read them.



  1. This is a cool post! (And Black Friday in Canada does seem kind of random!)

  2. This is super cute! And YES YES for all the library holds coming in at once. Why?!?! I also just got “Ask Again Yes” off hold and it too is a 14-day turnaround. Problem is that I find it soooooo depressing and I’m slogging through it. I need to finish it by this Friday and I’m a little worried about making that.

  3. I love this post!!!! And I have one of those dang magnetized tables. It's not white though. LOL

    Man I wish we had a service that would come and suck up all the leaves! How cool is that??? I pay an 80-yo man who comes and uses his leaf blower to get them all onto a tarp and then he drags them into the woods where they dry out and blow back into the yard.

    1. That sounds fun. Ha! And sadly, the city skipped our street this year and I just got confirmation that they aren't going to be by until spring so we'll have to deal with piles of leaves in our snow all winter. I'm disappointed :(

  4. This was so cute and funny! I'll have to think of some to do myself. :)

  5. I need longer than the 14 day library holds too. Love the yeast post. I love a good roll!


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