Thursday, March 07, 2019

Book Review: The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts 
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I think I ran across this book in the blog link ups I participated in this past December. (It might have been in The Favourite Covers post.) It's the story of two doctors and how another doctor from their past turns up and affects their present. The story is told from two different points of view (Zadie's and Emma's) and in two different time periods (1999, when they were medical residents, and the present).

Parts of this book read like poetry -- the author didn't stint on her descriptions and it made me want to go to the Southern US again. It was interesting reading this book as I just started watching Grey's Anatomy. This book, in places, read like Grey's Anatomy, especially when told from the point of view of their residency. I was like "My reading and my (very limited) TV show watching are colliding." Weird.

It took me a bit to get into this book, but once I was hooked I read the majority of it in one night. It just took me a couple of tries to get hooked. This book has drama, mystery, and interesting relationships. Plus, just enough intriguing medical details to keep me engaged but not so many that I couldn't eat while reading it! How's that for a description?!?!

I liked that at the end, things were tied up neatly enough that I didn't feel like I was left hanging, but not so neatly that what happens next is completely clear, if that makes sense.

PS. Emily, without giving too much away, you shouldn't read this book. Sorry :(


  1. Sounds a little different (in some ways) than what I'd normally pick but if you liked it, I want to try it! I still think you should post all the books you read (even just pictures) so we can see them!!!

  2. Whenever I hear about a book that is set in the medical field, I think of the book The Tennis Partner. I sort of cringe just writing that. It is a book that shows the ugly (and sometimes deadly) side of doctors who get hooked on meds. I'm not sure if I could make myself re-read it, but I might try one day.

  3. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for putting that warning at the bottom. I was like: "hmm, this book sounds good... maybe I'll check it out... OH WAIT NEVERMIND." I appreciate that greatly. :)


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