Friday, December 07, 2018

Blogger Love Edition

So I don't have a lot of people who blog consistently who I read anymore but here are three of my favourites:

Bekah at Bekah's Bits. I started reading Bekah about six years ago (how is it THAT long already?!?!?) right as she married Ryan and they began their lives together. Bekah blogs every single day, and even though I don't comment all that often she inspires me. I also got the opportunity to meet Bekah and Ryan at their beloved lake and you can read all about that here.
me and Bekah in July 2016

Another blog I read really consistently is Emily at The Cole Bin. Emily is hilarious and honest and I'm really hoping to meet her in real life at some point. She also points me to good books and I think her reading taste is really similar to mine. I've known Emily through the blog world for about three and a half years now - craziness!!!

The last blogger is a little newer to me, like in the last year or so, but you should also check out Allena at A Gurley Girl. I was inspired to do a Project 365 this year, which petered out in mid-June, but Allena's has been going strong all year. I'm really impressed! Also, Allena also tends to recommend books which I really enjoy, so that always makes me happy!

Honourable mentions go to Amanda and Allison (who has a private blog) who don't blog as regularly anymore - boo. I'm still hoping to get to Texas and meet you guys someday...

And I'm so excited that I got to meet these bloggers in real life (which you can read about here), who also don't blog as regularly anymore -- Sherry, Erika, Kelly, and Amy (it looks like her blog has gone private too).

So there is my blogger love for this year.

A lot of the bloggers I read, who used to blog more regularly (see my side bar), have now become more active on Instagram. I have to admit, I am way more active over there than I am on my blog too so I get it. I'm so glad for the blogging world which brought us together and for the Instagram world which is keeping us still connected!

Again I'm linking up with Kimberly, Andi, Tamara, and Tanya for #AMonthofFaves. 


  1. Both my blogging and blog reading have definitely fallen by the wayside! But I do appreciate the shout-out ;) Crazy how blogging has brought so many people together from all over the place!!

  2. I know--I kind of miss the old blogging days!

  3. Ditto to Allison! Thanks for the love, even if we've become slackers ;)

  4. It always shocks me when I see how long it's been since I blogged, haha. But yay for Instagram making it easy to stay in touch anyway!!

  5. Wow 3.5 years?! I didn't realize it'd been that long. I definitely hope to meet you IRL someday and my offer for your family to crash in our guest room is always open. We would love to catch a Phillies/Blue Jays game with you (I have no idea how often they play each other??? but we need to make that happen sometime).

  6. YAY!!! Thanks for the blog love! I loved meeting you at the lake and am just sorry Indiana didn't come through with a stellar weather day for you that day! :)

  7. I am always sad that blogging has seemed to become a dying art for so many of us. I am really trying to catch up for my own personal record keeping because I love being able to look back on our past. So much has changed and happened since we first "met" through blogging over 6 years ago. And I hope to continue our "real life" friendship too! 😊


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