Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Very Funny Bunny Birthday

Yesterday Rachel turned FOUR YEARS OLD! How is that even possible?!? Be still my heart. We celebrated at a party with Rachel's friends this past Saturday. Rachel wanted a "Funny Bunny party" so I scoured Pinterest for bunny ideas. (Also who knew that this random stuffed animal picked up on a whim before Rachel was born would become such a treasured friend?)
This wasn't exactly part of the bunny theme but Rachel has wanted Rice Krispie shapes for her party ever since we did the dinosaurs for Sam. However, I didn't have a bunny shaped cookie cutter so we went with ice cream cones, candy, and cupcake shapes instead. Also the treats are a weird colour because we tried to dye them pink.
Making the cakes was quite easy this time. I found some inspiration on Pinterest and just went for it. Rachel was thrilled! And the two pink cupcakes with the black icing on the top were my attempt at being decorative without success. I thought they just ended up looking like pink cupcakes the rabbits had left a, shall we say?!
The tradition of Rachel's last two parties has been that I find an awesome watermelon carved creature which relates to our party theme, but then it's actually just a picture with no instructions and Dave's job is to re-create it as best as he can. I think he's quite good at it, don't you?! The funny thing about all this is that Dave HATES watermelon, so I appreciate his willingness to carve it even more.
Fruit salad at a Easter Party #easter #party
Dave's attempt on the left; original pin (found here) on the right.
I was inspired, as I walked through the dollar store, to get some bubbles and letters for the guests to paint. Above is Rachel setting out the bubbles (which were a colossal failure -- dollar store bubbles are NOT worth it). Below is the letter painting station which was a HUGE hit!
I made bunny themed cups and a carrot shaped cheeseball. (Again, all my good ideas come from Pinterest!). I was making the cups on Friday night and someone commented that they looked like cats, which Rachel overheard, so she kept calling them the "cat cups." I didn't know whether to laugh or sigh!
I also got the idea for a carrot centrepiece from Pinterest and Rachel was allowed to pick out some of her favourite snacks which explains the Cheetos and Veggie Straws.
Dave did an excellent job of BBQing all the meat/soy options for people.
And Uncle Tim did a good job of taking pictures of Rachel blowing out her candles. And yes, she had a mid-party outfit change because someone spilled some juice on her.

It was a really fun party and Rachel enjoyed it so much. At the end of the day she told me, "I LOVED my Funny Bunny birthday Mommy. Thank you so much!"

You're welcome, sweet Rachel. You're welcome.


  1. What a great party! Tell Dave that he did a great job on the watermelon bunny. I think I need to hire the two of you to do all of our party planning. =) You really did a great job. I love that Rachel had a funny bunny party. How cute!!!

  2. I love how much thought you guys put into your kids' parties, but not in an obnoxious way like some parents do :) I'm glad Rachel had such a fun time!

  3. Oh Natasha, you did GREAT with this party! And what is wrong with Ryan and Dave...not liking watermelon? But that carving job was top notch. I'm impressed. She's a blessed girl to have you for her mama!!!

  4. Those rice krispie bunnies need to make a trip to Texas. YUM. Looks like such a fun party!

  5. I always love reading about your parties! You manage to take all the clever Pinterest idea and turn it into something that feels real and isn't over the top. And I think Rachel's picks work great! The cheese puffs because they look like carrots and veggie straws since they're something bunnies would eat.

  6. I love all the love that went into this party and especially all the bunny themed things. Okay, Eddie, here is your inspiration for planning my birthday celebration. Haha!


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