Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We Had A Hoot!

We had Rachel's birthday party this past Saturday. We enjoyed entertaining 26 of our friends and family. It was a very fun time. It was so fun, in fact, that I got no pictures while the party was in process. Also, I spent a lot of time holding my friend's four week old son so she could eat. But here are some of the owl-themed decorations we copied from Pinterest. Check out my birthday party board here for all the inspiration. I think they turned out pretty well.
Of course we had to have the number of the birthday girl in pictures of her. This has been one of the best Pinterest birthday finds because it is easy to do, it is really personal, and it is fun to see different pictures of the birthday child.
Rachel has really fallen in love with the colour pink lately, so of course anything that could be pink had to be. I tried to temper the pink with a bit of green!
I made these owls out of dollar store lanterns and they were a super fun addition to the clothesline. I had them sitting at Rachel's plate when she came down for breakfast the day of the party and she LOVED them. They are currently all sitting on her dresser, watching over her at night. I should maybe buy some batteries for them so they could actually light up!
Here is the food table, before the party started. Pretty much everything had an owl theme. (And yes, I know, the cake had no eyes. They came a bit later.)
I found these owl deviled eggs and knew I wanted to make them. However I only made one plate of them before I started going a little insane. Thankfully Donny and Marika showed up early and wanted to help so Marika made the second plate, thus saving my sanity :)
We did a toonie party for Rachel, where every one brings at least two toonies instead of gifts. We are going to buy sand for the sandbox as her gift and her donation is going to a special program at the library. More on that in a future blog post. The owl was given to my Grandpa Krahn by the Western Canadian Society of Horticulture as a distinguished service award in 1988. My parents thought Rachel would enjoy having it and she absolutely does.
I made this owl veggie tray. Please tell me it looks like an owl :)
This owl made of fruit was created by Dave and everyone LOVED it. So many people commented on it. Unfortunately Dave missed all the compliments because he was out BBQing the food. I thought he did such an amazing job. To see the amazing feathers Dave carved, which are hidden by the cut up fruit in this picture, see my Saturday Project 364 photo in yesterday's post.
The cake was not a Pinterest find. I just have an idea for a theme, and Dave figures out how to re-create it out of cupcakes. I made a half' panicked call to Tim and Janice, halfway through decorating the cake, to find out if they had Oreo cookies I could use for the eyes. Thankfully they did and I think the whole cake turned out pretty well.

Rachel loved her owl party and we all had such a hoot!


  1. I do like your commitment to the theme there!!! :) And I really love that toonie thing...I think I've asked before but forgotten the does a toonie compare to American $$?

  2. Awe! You did a great job on Rachel's party. I love all of the owl decorations and yes, they all look like owls. Great job!!!

  3. Cute party!! And I love how diplomatic Erika is being by complimenting your "commitment to the theme" even though she is a bird/owl hater, ha!!

  4. You all are so much fun! I'm not sure if Lance will get a party this year...we've had bad luck in the past years with sicknesses, and other things going on...not sure how this year will turn out. I'll just see how things go, and perhaps do something with trains since he loves those right now. :)

  5. A toonie...yes...have no idea what that is. Great idea for an alternate to presents....less toys to add to the masses. And so you are coming to Kate's next birthday, correct? Because I need you to re-create all the owl food. I will even watch Sam and Rachel and feed you if you do all the work... Happy Birthday Rachel!!! (And p.s...LOVE her shirt...where is it from?)

  6. That birthday party is Pinterest-fabulous! I love all the owl decor...everything looks perfect and definitely owl-like! :-)

  7. I think it look awesome! I especially love the deviled eggs. And I think normally you might not be able to tell the veggie tray is an owl, but with everything else in little owls it looks pretty clearly like one.


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