Friday, July 09, 2010

The Hills are Alive... With Flowers and Trees of Various Kinds

This post, the last in the series on our Austria trip, focuses on the various beautiful, cool, and otherwise picture-worthy flowers and trees that we saw during our trip.

Flowers in a window box in downtown Vienna.
A tree on the Beethoven Walk, in Heiligenstadt.
A large tree of some kind in the Volksgarten (People's Park), near the Imperial Palace.
A large flowering bush in the cloisters at the Heiligenkreuz Abbey.
Some colourful flowers in Melk, outside the cafe where we had lunch.
A large, cool-looking tree near the hedge maze in Schönbrunn.
Natasha and Carol stopping to smell the roses outside Schönbrunn.

Well, that is it from Austria. Stay tuned for some back-in-Canada content from the start of our summer!

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