Friday, December 11, 2009

First night of Channukah!

We celebrated the first night of Channukah tonight. Here are some pictures of our celebration. Over the next few days there we will post a series of videos from tonight too. Keep checking back.

We have latkes, the menorah, and since it's also
Shabbat we have challah, candles and wine!

Since it's Shabbat Sam opened his soft Shabbat set.
It has 2 candles, 2 loaves of challah, a challah cover,
a wine bottle and a cup of wine. Hopefully, he'll have
lots of fun with it.

Sam practices sitting. He's getting really good at it.

Sam seemed to think that the best part of his present
was chewing on the plastic case it came in.

Natasha reading Sam his Shabbat book and
demonstrating with his new Shabbat toys.

Sam playing with the candles.
He LOVED chewing on the candles!

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  1. in that middle pic where he is sitting up he looks exactly like an old pic of Dave


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