Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dan and Lisa's wedding

On September 27, Daniel Flaming and Lisa Outinen got married at the Toronto Zoo. And we were there to celebrate with them.

First order of the day, lunch with Donny, Dan,
Dan's brother Mark, and Marika, who took this picture.

Donny made a stellar best man and Marika was a lovely bridesmaid --
even though it was a little last minute :)

A nice picture of us at the wedding site.

Attila was there too!

It was great to see friends again.
And to have a chance to visit.

Dan and Lisa were happy, despite the rain.

Not only was it fun to visit with friends again;
it was also fun to play games. Although we've never
played games at a wedding before!

Three couples got married this year -- Donny and Marika,
Dan and Lisa, and us. This is all six of us with our
wedding rings all in place!

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