Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Trip to Calgary

We finally made it to Calgary! We wanted to visit with Kirk and Robyn and with Alissa. We discovered that although it's 275km from Edmonton, the straight road and little traffic makes it a fairly easy, and quick, trip.

We enjoyed an evening with Kirk and Robyn, eating delicious lasagne and catching up. Good friends, good food, good conversation -- what more could we ask for?

On October 14, Alissa was installed as the associate pastor at First Mennonite Church - Calgary. We were really glad to be able to be there for her installation and to celebrate with her afterwards. Congratulations Alissa!

Besides visiting people and worshipping with Alissa at her church we also took some pictures. Here are a few to give you an idea of what fun we had with Alissa and Suzanne, her sister! These were all taken right behind Alissa's new house.

Celebrating Fall -- literally and figuratively!

I like the funky angle on this one.

Dave was there too :)

Suzanne and Alissa in front of Alissa' new house.

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