Friday, August 31, 2007

Road Trip

We spent three days crossing Northern Ontario, which started out as being very scenic, and through no fault of its own, managed to be both scenic and boring by the third day. We amused ourselves by stopping and taking pictures of whatever "big" things we saw -- the Giant Nickel in Sudbury, the Goose in Wawa, a Giant Loonie outside Sault Ste. Marie, a huge fish near Thunder Bay; however, we drew the line at "Huskie the Muskie" in Kenora. Finally, we arrived in Winnipeg on Wednesday around supper time, and were met warmly by Susan and Pierre Joanis, friends of Dave's family. We enjoyed supper there, and then met up with Natasha's friends Jason and Katerina later in the evening. The next morning, we hit the road once again. We made a brief stop in Lanigan, SK where Natasha's grandma was volunteering at the Thrift Store. We had some coffee with her and then were initiated into the art of knot-tying for comforters. Grandma Ewert definitely had more experience at that! After driving across the prairie for the day, we arrived at Natasha's parents' house in Saskatoon on Thursday evening, just in time for supper.

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