Thursday, February 06, 2020

Dave's Sun Juan Birthday

Back in October 2018 we booked our second Disney Cruise. It was for this past January so I think our countdown started at 472 days, or something like that. We knew early on that my parents were joining us so we had a long time to get excited about it! Finally the big day arrived!
Mom and Dad had promised Sam and Rachel that we could take a limo to the airport and drink prosecco in the limo. Thus, our trip started off in style. And since plane tickets to Puerto Rico were much cheaper from Buffalo, New York, we actually took the limo across the border to a hotel near the airport the night before our flights left. Fun fact: Yes, you can take a limo across the border.
What's more fun than a plain old limo ride? A limo ride with prosecco and fun lights to play with. Rachel chose the lighting in the limo which she LOVED!
We had a good sleep at the hotel and spent the entire next day in transit. In San Juan, we stayed at two separate Airbnbs about a ten minute walk away from each other. We met Mom and Dad for breakfast and did some shopping. Rachel and Dave found some Dab beer. So they dabbed! (I think it's some sort of Fortnite dance???)
Since Mom and Dad's place was about a three minute walk to the beach, we met up there in the afternoon to "walk by the ocean." Sam didn't even want to put on his swimsuit.
Well this was the afternoon that we discovered our kids are definitely beach people. Even Sam, who claims to hate all water.
I mean, with a view like this how could we go wrong?
I think what changed the kids' minds about the water was that it was WARM. We're used to our cold Great Lakes. This was lovely.
And Dave very much appreciated the chance to spend his mid-January birthday swimming in the ocean and enjoying the heat!
Happy Birthday Dave!!! He picked a Mexican seafood place for supper and it was (mostly) delicious. Something was lost in translation and my mom's meal was not... good. However, Dave really enjoyed his seafood, even if it looked a little more real than he was anticipating. HA!
Sam kept calling San Juan, "Sun Juan." And this day was a perfect example of why we couldn't disagree with him. And this was just the beginning...
a street mural near our place

Funny story: On the way back to our place after supper, we walked through a street where they were filming a movie. We asked what movie it was and an employee told us it was called, "Chick Fight." Dave and I rolled our eyes but Rachel giggled all the way home thinking it's an entire movie of baby chickens (cutely) fighting with each other. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

PS. If you click on the imdb link of the movie, you will see that it stars Alec Baldwin. Are you telling me I could have met him?!!?!?!?!?!?

*You can read about Day 2 here.


  1. So much fun to celebrate your birthday in the sun!! That's great you were able to get good flight tickets from Buffalo and that it worked out so well with taking the limo.

    1. It really was a fun birthday for Dave! And yes, I didn't know we could take airport transportation across the border. It's so good to know for next time!

  2. Reading this post really makes me happy. :)


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